Orange City’s 2016 Tulip Court Elected

2016 Tulip Court

The 2016 Tulip Court (L-R): Maddie Christy, Kaylee Puttmann, Grace De Haan, Kelsey Lang and Ava Grossmann

The 2016 Tulip Court was elected on Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015.

Tulip Court members for the 76th annual Tulip Festival include: Maddie Christy, daughter of Greg and Michelle Christy; Grace De Haan, daughter of Brent and Patti De Haan; Ava Grossmann, daughter of Jonathan and Glenda Grossmann; Kelsey Lang, daughter of Chris and Sherry Lang; and Kaylee Puttmann, daughter of Shannon and Kristen Puttmann.

A Queen’s Tea and Pageant will be held on November 16 to crown the 2016 Tulip Queen. The Queen and Court will serve as ambassadors for Orange City’s 76th annual Tulip Festival, slated for May 19-21, 2016.