Name: Kaitlyn Bruinsma

Parents:Jason and Jessica Bruinsma

Hobbies & Interests: My hobbies include reading, baking, and traveling.

School Activities: I am a part of marching band, jazz band, symphonic band, choir, orchestra, National Honor Society, the school musical and play, wrestling, large group speech, individual speech, All-State band, Northwest Iowa Honor Band, and Northwest Iowa Symphony Orchestra.

Spare Time Activities: I enjoy spending time with my friends at different school events. I spend a lot of time with my family doing various activities such as boating, going for walks, and playing card games. I love seeking out opportunities to play my french horn in different ensembles. I spend my summers lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons at our local pool. I also enjoy playing spikeball, shopping, and watching movies with my friends. I enjoy attending youth group at New Hope church.

Education/Career Plans: I plan to attend a 4 year college to pursue a career in music education.

Past Tulip Festival Participation: As a very young child, I scrubbed streets with my mom. In elementary school, I enjoyed riding floats and dutch games. When I was in middle school, I continued to participate in dutch dancing and started marching in the parade. In highschool, I started marching with The Pride of the Dutchmen Marching Band and continued to participate in dutch dancing.