Name: Aryana Dokter

Parents: Ryan and Missy Dokter

Hobbies & Interests: I love playing/ listening to music, reading books, and running.

School Activities: I am involved in jazz band, concert band, field/ street marching band, orchestra, choir, chamber singers, musical/ play, National Honor Society, cross country, track, and large group speech.

Spare Time Activities: In my spare time, I listen to music and play all of my instruments. I am also involved at youth group at New Hope.

Education/Career Plans: I plan to go to a four year college and major in religion with minors in ministry and music. I hope to be a worship leader in a church someday.

Past Tulip Festival Participation: I have Dutch danced in elementary and in high school for a couple years. I have also done street sweeping as a young child as well as ridden on floats. Additionally, I have marched in the MOC-FV marching band from 6th grade on.