Orange City’s 2015 Tulip Court Elected









Pictured is the 2015 Tulip Court (L-R): Cara Venema, Sydney Huizenga, Emily Wielenga, Micah Vande Vegte, and Jennifer Droog.


The 2015 Tulip Court was elected on Wednesday, September 24, 2014.


Tulip Court members for the 75th annual Tulip Festival include: Jennifer Droog, daughter of Rick and Sue Droog; Sydney Huizenga, daughter of Darren and Dawn Huizenga; Micah Vande Vegte, daughter of Gary and Amy Vande Vegte; Cara Venema, daughter of Dan and Tonya Venema; and Emily Wielenga, daughter of Kevin and Dixie Wielenga.


A Queen’s Tea and Pageant will be held in November to crown the 2015 Tulip Queen. The Queen and Court will serve as ambassadors for Orange City’s 75th Annual Tulip Festival, slated for May 14-16, 2015.