Name: Mikayla Vollink

Parents: Marlin and Diane Vollink

Hobbies/Interests: Some of my hobbies include reading, taking on art projects, running, and playing the trombone.

School activities: In my high school years I have been apart of cross country, the Cast (Unity’s improv team), soccer, jazz band, symphonic band, pep band, and being a living group leader. 

Spare time activities: In my spare time I enjoy reading books, running, hanging out with my family and friends, occasionally cooking, and playing with my dog. 

Education/career plans: I am undecided, but I do plan on going to college at either Dordt or Northwestern. 

Past Tulip Festival participation: As a kid I rode floats, did Dutch games and junior Dutch dance, along with marching in the OCCS marching band. In high school I have been a flag bearer for the Orange City Booster Club, worked at the Dutch bakery for a time, have done senior Dutch dance, and tried my best to direct the OCCS marching band.