Candidates Back Row Left to Right: Brooke Jacobsma, Naomi Mellema, Maren Beaty, Emily Ritz ,Chloe Bilby. Front Row Left to Right: Paige Brennan, Kia Wassenaar, Catharine J Hummel, Kate Van Der Werff.

2022 Tulip Court Elections to be held September 22

The 2022 Tulip Court Election will take place on Wednesday, September 22. Voting for the 2022 Tulip Court will take place from 12 to 8 p.m. at Stadscentrum, located on the corner of Central Avenue and Second Street North in Orange City.

Tulip Court candidates for 2022 are: Maren Beaty, daughter of Craig and Shannon Beaty, Chloe Bilby, daughter of Joe & Becky Bilby, Paige Brennan, daughter of Sabrina and Richard Brennan, Catharine J Hummel, daughter of Patrick & Julia Hummel, Brooke Jacobsma, daughter of Michael and Jill Jacobsma, Naomi Mellema, daughter of Matt and Kristin Mellema, Emily Ritz, daughter of Mike and Jill Ritz,  Kia Wassenaar, daughter of Kyle and Shelly Wassenaar, Kate Van Der Werff, daughter of Jeff and Kara Van Der Werff.

Eligible voters are adults with an Orange City address and 7th through 12th-grade students at MOC-Floyd Valley, Orange City Christian School, and Unity Christian High School.